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Our Market Segment

As an open access infrastructure provider, Vobiss provides Wholesale Connectivity Services to these market segments.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s)


Internet Service
Providers (ISP’s)

Vobiss Solutions Ltd

Government’s –
Digital Infrastructure

Vobiss Solutions Ltd

Value Added
Service (VAS) Operators

Vobiss Solutions Ltd

Subsea Cable

Vobiss Solutions Ltd


High-Performance MPLS Transmission


Our MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) transmission services provide a reliable and efficient way to connect your business locations securely.

With dedicated leased MPLS lines, you can ensure fast data transfer, low latency, and the utmost privacy for your critical business communications. Discover the benefits of MPLS transmission with our open access network.

Seamless Metro VPN Connectivity Services


Our Metro VPN services enable you to create a secure and interconnected network across multiple metropolitan areas.

With our high-speed, reliable connections, you can extend your corporate network seamlessly, ensuring your data remains protected while maintaining fast, low-latency communication between locations.

High-Speed FTTX Wholesale Services


FTTx is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for last-mile telecommunications. At Vobiss we deliver lightningfast internet connectivity with our FTTx wholesale services. Our services include Fibre to the Home (FTTH), Fibre to the Premise, (FTTP), Fibre to the building (FTTB), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) and Fibre to the Tower (FTTT) all of which leverage our extensive fiber-optic network infrastructure to offer your customers the latest in broadband technology. Partner with us to provide reliable, high-speed internet access to all your customers.

Cloud Solutions for Modern Businesses


Embrace the future of computing with our cloud services. Whether you need scalable infrastructure, managed services, or application hosting, we've got you covered. Our cloud solutions are designed to help your business stay agile, reduce costs, and scale effortlessly as you grow.

Robust Datacentre Hosting Solutions


Trust your critical IT infrastructure to our stateof-the-art datacentre hosting services. Our\ secure and redundant datacentre facilities offer the perfect environment for your servers and applications, ensuring maximum uptime, scalability, and security. Explore our hosting solutions to streamline your business operations.

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